Assistance with Applying for Adult Education-provide you help with information, enrollment, or completion of a GED program.

Academic Counseling-review the college catalog and your transcript/test scores to determine your eligibility for college admissions, exemptions, special programs, testing requirements, etc.

Career Guidance-assist you with choice of college major/career plans; administer career interest survey (on request) and review results.

College Information-provide you with information (admissions, testing, financial aid, housing, etc.) from colleges of your choice; review college costs, special admissions, etc.

Assistance with Applying for Admissions-help you apply for admissions, campus housing, and/or ACT, SAT, THEA, or Accuplacer registration.

Assistance with Applying for Federal Student Aid-assist you with completing the application process for Grants, College Work Study, and Student/Parent Loans, including college forms for financial aid; serve as liaison between you and the college.

Assistance with Applying for Scholarships-help you locate scholarship resources and apply.

Financial and Economic Literacy-provide you with workshops and/or individual counseling sessions to promote a better understanding of debt management, decision-making skills, budgeting, and student loans.

Referrals-connect you to information and links to additional community and social service resources.

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